Ideal for investors who are looking for an investment property that has a reputable commercial tenant and a secure minimum 7.8% gross return with fixed growth throughout the lease term. The pricing of the apartments at Quest Hamilton start from $162,671 + GST if any. This is a low entry level price which gives traditional residential investors the opportunity to take advantage of the commercial landlord benefits below.


Term: 30 years based on 15 + 5 + 5 + 5
Initial rent per unit: Ranging from $12,700 to $26,300 gross plus GST if any
Reviews: 2% (compounding) increase starting from year 4 and market review on renewals
Return: Up to 7.8% gross (see pricing schedule)
Price per title: Ranging from $162,671 to $347,000 + GST if any (see pricing schedule)


  • As a Quest franchisee, the tenant is part of Australasia's most succesful network of serviced apartments and proven business model (Quest Serviced Apartments (NZ) Limited franchise)
  • Continuity of income
  • Up to 7.8% guaranteed return with annual rent increase after year 3 paid directly into your bank account on a monthly basis at 2% per annum guaranteed growth
  • Is a 30 year commercial guarantee on rental not a rental guarantee (see FAQ)
  • The rent cannot go down as there is a ratchet clause in the lease agreement
  • Great entry level pricing for investors looking for property with a long term lease in place
  • A hands off investment where no owner input needed