To date, Ponting Fitzgerald Limited have created drawings for the development to allow the project to be taken through to the resource consent stage. In addition to this, the Designer has expressed a desire to establish an open feel to the site right from the initial entry. The entry to this development will be refreshingly stylish in order to create an immediate impact of sophistication from the road.

Upon entry to the site, we envisage lighting to be a vitally important factor in addition to the clearing and tidying of the Maori reserve which the site includes. This neatening of the Maori reserve together with the spruce up of the lakes foreshore will provide a long uninterrupted vista spanning from street to lake, assisting with the large open spaces within the development.

The fact that the site has a geothermal bore with resource consent to take 95 tonnes of energy per day and additional geothermal features on the surrounding site presents a rare and appealing opportunity. These unique features present special marketing possibilities in attracting customers once the complex has been completed. This also enables the inclusion of a mineral pool, heated lap pool and a geothermal health spa facility.

In keeping with the 5 star rating, the 34 villas will be approximately 73 square meters each and be completed and finished to suit the rating status.